If you are looking for effective relief from Sciatica you are not alone. More than 20 million adults in America suffer from Sciatica every year. Collectively we spend more than $10 billion every year on treatment with the majority offering only partial temporary relief.

As physicians we owe our patients more than “partial temporary relief.” Dr. Trevor Robertson

Sciatica 101
Sciatica is simply an irritation or compression of the large bundle of nerves that travels from your low back down the leg to the foot. Any pain that radiates or follows part way along this course is generally described as Sciatica. Sciatica is the result of injury or damage to one or more of the supporting structures of the back. These include the muscles, ligaments, joints, discs, nerves and bones. In most cases it is a combination of several of these with each effected structure presenting with different degrees of pain and limitation. This can lead to a complicated overlay of signs and symptoms which are often misdiagnosed buy less skilled practitioners. The key to a successful outcome depends on a thorough understanding, an accurate diagnosis and appropriate timely treatment.

What you may feel.
Depending on the number of structures affected and the severity thereof, sciatica may vary from a constant dull ache in the buttocks to more serious sharp shooting pains or weakness that extends to the legs. Pain is usually aggravated by movement and most comfortable positions include lying down with a pillow under your knees, or on your side in the fetal position.

What to Do
A common misconception with sciatic pain is that it will go away on its own without treatment. In reality Sciatica is usually recurring with subsequent episodes tending to increase in both duration and severity. Do not delay give us a call today. (858) 454-3612

Your pain is our highest priority. Our goal is to get you pain free and back to health as quickly as possible. That means no long unnecessary treatment plans, just fast effective proven pain free results.

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Before we speak, we listen. No one knows your body better than you and the key to an accurate diagnosis begins with a thorough understanding of your life, your activities and your symptoms.

“I suffered with terrible sciatica for years and was told to limit my activities or consider surgery. After just 4 weeks of seeing Dr. Robertson I can honestly say I am now pain free. Thank you Dr. Robertson for giving me my life back” L.K.

I am so confident that we can help that I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your treatment we will refund your visit. It’s as simple as that.

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