If you are looking for effective relief from pregnancy related back pain you are not alone. More than 1 million pregnant women are affected by pregnancy related back pain every year. Collectively we spend more than $500 million on treatment with the majority offering only partial temporary relief.

“As physicians we owe our patients more than “partial temporary relief.” Dr. Trevor Robertson

Prenatal Chiropractic Care
Prenatal chiropractic care is well known for its benefits in treating pregnancy pain, delivery related back pain and other adaptive complications. Misalignment of the spine occurs during pregnancy due to increased pressure on the pelvis, in addition to anterior weight bearing changes associated with your developing baby. Restoring correct spinal and pelvis alignment allows for the dynamic mobility necessary to accommodate the ever changing structural and postural loads associated with pregnancy.

Is chiropractic care safe during pregnancy?
Dr. Robertson is specifically trained to work with women who are pregnant. There are no known contraindications to chiropractic care throughout pregnancy and our office offers pregnancy wellness for women who are pregnant. Dr. Robertson uses gentle, pain free techniques that avoid unneeded pressure on the abdomen and we offer specific tables that adjust for a pregnant woman’s body.

Why should I have prenatal chiropractic care?
Chiropractic Research on the benefits for women who are pregnant include controlling symptoms of nausea, relieving back, neck or joint pain and reducing the time of labor and delivery. During pregnancy, there are several physiological and endocrinological changes that occur in preparation for creating the environment for the developing baby. The anatomical location of your growing baby causes changes in your pelvis and an ever increasing curve in your low back. Establishing pelvic balance and correct lumbar spinal alignment is critical in avoiding low back pain in addition to pelvic misalignment. A misaligned pelvis may also make it difficult for the baby to get into the best possible position for delivery.

Dr. Robertson has undergone special training in order to provide gentle safe pain free prenatal chiropractic care. “By gently aligning the spine, pelvis and supporting structures we can help you enjoy a pain free pregnancy while helping your body to work more effectively.”

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