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"I'm 47 and have gone to Chiropractors for about 15 years (back issues) and my old Chiropractor in AZ was only able to accomplish about 25% of what Dr. Robertson has been able to achieve for a pain free life again! I'm very grateful to him and have brought in family members whenever they've needed help, he's taken great care and everyone of them have achieved 100% results "every time!" Thanks again!"


"With 2 young children pulling my back and neck out of alignment, Dr. Robertson has been able to take the pain out of my neck. I feel so much better! Alisha, the receptionist is always able to fit me in and is so sweet. She knows what a busy Mom I am! You both are wonderful! Thank You!"


"I was visiting my daughter in La Jolla and woke up with pain between my shoulder blades and a very stiff neck. I was in agony. My daughter phoned Dr. Robertson who was kind enough to see me quickly. The treatment was quick and immediately relieved me of the greatest pain. Over the weekend, I was almost back to normal. I saw him again Monday morning and I can say, with great conviction, that if it wasn't for Trevor's expertise, my vacation would have been severely set back. Thank you for saving the day and precious time with my family."


"I was sandwiched between two cars and received whiplash that traveled from my neck to my back then down my leg. I had 2 months of PT and several deep massages to no avail. I finally contacted Dr Robertson on a Friday afternoon and he fit me straight in. After just 2 visits I am already feeling relief from the constant nagging pain. I should have gone to him immediately but at least I am in the right place now."


"While playing golf on the weekend my lower back gave out. My wife researched and found Dr. Robertson who made himself available within hours of my call. After a quick introduction and evaluation, he treated me and I felt instant relief. After just three more visits, I am now pain free and back to playing golf. Thanks Dr. Robertson!"


“I suffered with neck pain for almost 9 months. I had tried medications, massage and physical therapy. My Internist at Scripps recommended I see Dr. Robertson. Within 3 visits I was substantially improved and I am now finally pain free. Thank you Dr. Robertson”


“I injured my shoulder surfing and was in pain for almost 9 months. I had tried rest, medication, massage and physical therapy. My Orthopedist suggested I consider surgey followed by 6-9 month of rehabilitation. A friend referred me to Dr. Robertson and am so lucky he did. Within 3 weeks I was almost pain free and within 3 months I was back in the water surfing. To think I was one week away from surgey and now I surfing pain free. Thank you Dr. Robertson.

“I suffered with bi-weekly headaches for years. Since seeing Dr. Robertson both the frequency and severity have substantially decreased and I have been able to finally enjoy life without debilitating pain.”


“I suffered with low back pain for almost 2 years. I had to give up Golf and even my daily walks. Since seeing Dr. Robertson I am not only pain free but finally able to play golf without debilitating pain.”


“I suffered with terrible sciatica for years and was told to limit my activities or consider surgery. After just 4 weeks of seeing Dr. Robertson I can honestly say I am now pain free. Thank you Dr. Robertson for giving me my life back.”


“I suffered with a herniated disc for almost a year. I had been advised to quit golf and see a surgeon. My MRI showed a large disc herniation and I was sure I was headed for surgery. That’s when my wife recommended I see Dr. Robertson. Although initially skeptical, within 2 weeks I was greatly improved. After a month I was almost pain free. Now 3 months later I am pain free and shopping for new clubs. Thanks Dr. Robertson”


“I had a difficult delivery and my Childs neck was in spasm and turned to one side for weeks. My pediatrician referred us to Dr. Robertson and in just 3 visits my son was not only looking straight ahead but also crying less and sleeping better.” Thanks Dr. Robertson you are the best.

"My daughter suffered with inner ear infections for months. We had tried several courses of antibiotics without success. The pediatrician said we should consider tubes. That’s when a friend referred me to Dr. Robertson. After one visit the circles around my daughters eyes started to clear, in 1 week she was back to for her normal happy self. Two weeks later my pediatrician said her ears were finally clear. I could put it down to co-incidence but I had the same issue with my son with the same results. I have also referred several friends all of whom have had fantastic results. Dr. Robertson is a life saver and my kids love him.”


“I came to Dr. Robertson for a second opinion. I had seen a chiropractor who told me I needed 6 months of treatment at a cost of $4,000.00. Dr. Robertson examined me and told me exactly what was wrong. In less than 3 weeks I was pain free.” Thanks Dr. Robertson.


“I was involved in an automobile accident and although I was initially a little stiff, a week later my low back started killing me. Everything seemed to make it worse till I had pain shooting down my leg. A friend referred me to Dr. Robertson and I am so grateful. After just 1 week I felt a lot better and in less than a month I was pain free and back to exercising. Thank you Dr. Robertson”


"I suffered with a chronic ankle and foot injury for 8 months. Every time I returned to running it would flair up and I thought my running days were over. One of my triathlon friends referred me to Dr. Dr. Robertson. He examined me and said I had a displaced bone in my foot that was limiting my mobility. As ridiculous as this sounds I was 50% better after just one visit and pain free in 2 weeks. I am now back to running 4 days a week and even signed up for a ½ marathon. Thanks Dr. Robertson”


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